I love fashion.
In fact, I have an Advance Diploma in fashion from the Accra Technical University, where I graduated in 2015.
At a time when I had lost my job, and my very proactive self wouldn’t rest, I started an online thrift business.

Logo made with Spark Post

I scouted for suppliers, and with the knowledge I have in creating and managing several social media pages, I started my business.
Its been 5 months since I started selling, I wouldn’t say its been very challenging, though I’ve encountered some very rude people.
I’m also thankful to have some very wonderful clients who purchase at least a bag or 2 after every restock.
And by running ads on Facebook & Instagram, I’m usually able to sell about 20 bags in less than 7 days.
My bags aren’t overpriced, they range from about GH45 – Gh150 depending on the size, condition and brand.
And there are quite a number of unique pieces.

I offer exceptional customer service, so I always have clients coming back to purchase more bags.
I hope to grow this business for as long as I can, and use the funds I raise to start other business ventures.
If you haven’t bought from Thrift Bags Emporium yet, I’m still waiting patiently to serve you.

PS: All images shot and edited by Youu Twum.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @thriftbags_emporium.


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